Are'nt There Enough "Teachers?"

The Bible is a wonderful book about God and man, the beginning of all things, and the end of man's rule. It describes the heart of man which shows the ways of man. It teaches wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to those who are willing to learn, and to those who won't, ignorance. The history of man, as described in the Bible, is one of rebellion and self-rule, of violence and greed, but yet, of mercy and peace, of hope and prosperity. It establishes the moral boundaries and relationships between individuals and nations and also holds men to accountability for their actions.

Today, there is a radical movement to discredit the Bible on all fronts, as always, but it won't prevail. Throughout history, there have been many attempts, but they have all failed and why? Because the Bible is God's written word to mankind and it cannot be destroyed! Man will mock it, burn it, spit on it, ignore it, or use it as a joke in a satirical comedy, but he cannot deny it  The word of God will not be lessened or destroyed by the hand of man.

There are, literally, thousands of men and women who profess to be "teachers" of the Bible, or Scriptures, as it is also known, who compete for your attention and funds and enjoy some moderate attention. They will produce astounding "facts" and "secret knowledge" and will pull many away into heretical teachings, often through the combination of truth and lies. Easy enough to do for the most part because most are ignorant of what the Bible teaches, and they rely very heavily on someone else. But that is not what I'm doing here. I don't want your money, but only desire to show you the right way by letting the Scriptures speak for themselves. I will explain the meaning of certain terms or produce videos as needed, but my personal thoughts remain mine.

I had earlier done a series up to a certain point in the Book of Exodus, but as I was changing systems and modules, it became lost or wiped clean. Therefore, I will simply pick up where I left and later, I'll work it back in. So, if you'd like to join me as I go through the Scriptures, then please do and don't hesitate to speak your minds by using the commentary section.

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